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Shooting Tips

We reveal how to sharpen your shooting skills, whether you hunt, plink or shoot competitively.

Range Wisdom: Shoot Better With Iron Sights

Nowadays, most hunters and shooters never fire a shot through a rifle without peering through a scope. Mike Stroff, host of “Savage Outdoors,” knows better. He believes iron sights help develop and maintain important skill sets—no matter what you hunt or how you shoot.

Range Wisdom: Tape Trick

A little strategically placed electrical tape is cheap insurance for keeping debris and moisture out of your barrel—especially on a remote hunt. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains how he uses it to save his hunts without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

Range Wisdom: Beat Barrel Heat

When your bullets start to walk up the target during an extended shooting session, don’t adjust your scope—take a break. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains how excessive barrel heat can affect point of impact and reveals how to avoid it.

Range Wisdom: Trigger Work

It’s impossible to consistently make long-range shots with a mushy trigger and a heavy pull. Mike Stroff, host of “Savage Outdoors,” uses the Savage AccuTrigger™ to simplify the process. Learn where he adjusts it to guarantee accuracy at extreme distances.

Determine Eye Dominance

To shoot your best, it’s important to shoot with your dominant eye. Savage’s Jared Hinton shares an easy method to quickly identify anyone’s eye dominance.

6 Gun Questions You're Afraid To Ask

"There is no such thing as a stupid question." That old adage holds water, especially when it comes to firearms, as asking questions can prevent a dangerous situation. Assuming you’ve got the safety bases covered, let’s explore some of the common questions that might feel silly to ask, but will boost your firearms knowledge.

What’s Your Point-Blank Range?

“Point-blank” is a common firearms term, yet it’s usually misunderstood. In reality, it’s the maximum range at which you can hold dead center on your target and still hit within the intended area. Here’s how to use it in your hunting and shooting.