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→ September 23
Wide Open Spaces and Savage give some tips that will help you improve while at the range.
→ September 17
Teaching Gun Safety to Young Shooters: Chad and Dana Wall have tips for young child about gun safety.
→ September 16
Wind as a River: Cory Trapp explains a way to think about wind as you determine the net crosswind value.
→ September 16
Fit Matters: Understanding Length of Pull to match your body.
→ September 14
Advanced Optics: Team Savage's Stan Pate explains two critical concepts you need to master.
→ September 14
Kelley Motion: Team Savage shooter Patrick Kelley identifies some of the main ways firearms move on us, and the best ways to beat them.
→ September 14
Long-Range Rifle Setup: Stan Pate talks on effective airline travel, zeroing-in, and adding minutes.
→ September 14
Stan Pate Atmospheric Answers: Elevation and atmosphere are everything when it comes to precise shot placement at extreme distances.
→ September 14
Calculating Wind Value: Cory Trapp shares why you need to calculate the net crosswind value when making a long range shot.
→ September 11
Defining Danger Space: Range Master, Cory Trapp explains the concept of Danger Space.
→ September 10
Fit for Competition: Stan Pate reveals how he adjusts critical stock dimensions for these dynamic situations.
→ September 9
Mirage and How to Use It: Cory Trapp shows what to look for in your spotting scope in order to make a good wind call.
→ September 8
Elements of Making a Long Range Shot: Cory Trapp shares three things you need to make a 400+ yard shot.
→ September 7
Range Wisdom: Trigger Work. Learn how Mike Stroff adjusts AccuTrigger to guarantee accuracy at extreme distances.
→ September 6
Range Wisdom: Beat Barrel Heat. When your bullets start to walk up the target during a shooting session, don’t adjust your scope, take a break.
→ September 6
Long Range Practice for Real World Shots: Clay Belding explains why practicing at long ranges should be an essential part of your playbook.
→ September 5
Understanding Ballistic Coefficient: Range Master, Cory Trapp explains how a bullet's shape impacts its ballistic coefficient.
→ September 4
Ranging without a Range Finder: Range Master, Cory Trapp shares techniques for finding accurate range without a range finder.
→ September 4
How to Hold for Wind: Range Master, Cory Trapp explains how to hold for wind.
→ September 4
Determine Eye Dominance: To shoot your best, it’s important to shoot with your dominant eye.
→ September 3
Motion Matters: Shoot Better on the Move with Patrick Kelley
→ September 2
MSR Competition Series: Patrick Kelley takes a break at the range to share his take on the Savage MSR 15 Competition and MSR 10 Competition HD.