Ben Gorman knows his way around custom and semi-custom guns. An accomplished big-game hunter and owner of iconic Wyoming apparel company ShedNecks, Gorman also compiles components for high-end rifles, matching the guns with scopes and ammunition to produce tack-driving packages for hunters serious about accuracy and performance.

Our Traveling AccuFit started its journey in Gorman’s capable hands.

The brand-new Model 110 Long Range Hunter with AccuFit arrived in Casper, Wyoming’s classic outdoors store, Rocky Mountain Discount Sports. Gorman collected the rifle, and mounted the Bushnell scope. But his work wasn’t nearly done. Gorman specializes in matching rifles with tack-driving bullets. In the case of the Traveling AccuFit, chambered in .280 Ackley Improved, Savage chose Hornady Precision Hunter 162 gr. ELD-X.

“Ben is a good friend who’s a wizard with guns,” says Powderhook’s Austin Nimmo, who is helping coordinate the logistics of the Traveling AccuFit campaign. “I’ve never met someone who is so precise and particular with components, making sure that each one works with the other to produce impressive results. And he did not let us down with the Savage.”

From his perspective, the Savage was a learning experience.

“I don’t often work with out-of-the-box rifles, but I’m impressed with the Savage and its ease to work on,” says Gorman, whose ShedNecks ( apparel feature the iconic Wyoming bucking horse, but instead of a cowboy hat, the rider is hoisting an antler from the state-record elk. “I like the factory brake. I love the caliber. And I’m very interested in seeing how the AccuFit system works with hunters of different sizes and statures. I’m glad I got to play a part in the Fit For All campaign, but I think it’s in very good hands after it leaves mine.”

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Upcoming Schedule

07/27 - 07/28 Lincoln, NE The Hunt Begins
08/01 - 08/02 Casper, WY Rifle Setup/Testing
08/10 - 08/11 Mullen, NE Rifle Fitting
08/22 - 08/23 TX Hill Country Hog Hunt
09/12 - 09/13 Cassoday, KS Mentored Youth Hunt
10/02 - 10/04 Lander, WY Brothers Elk Hunt
10/17 - 10/18 Aiken, SC Blue Collar Deer Hunt
10/21 - 10/23 Buffalo, WY Public Land Pronghorn Hunt
11/16 - 11/17 Fairbury, NE Family Deer Hunt
11/18 - 11/19 Lincoln, NE First Coyote Hunt
11/23 - 11/24 Glasgow, MT Father/Daughter Deer Hunt
12/18 - 12/18 Recap