The Savage Arms Company, manufacturer of extremely accurate "out of the box" centerfire and rimfire rifles. Savage Arms rifles feature patented technology with the AccuTriggerTM and AccuStockTM.

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08/24/2015 : Savage Arms has issued a recall notice on B.MAG rifle bolts (17 WSM) after discovering that the bolt on some B.MAG rifles may inadvertently catch the safety button and slide it forward into the “fire” position. We have received no reports of accidents

08/19/2015 : Here is a great look at the new Savage Arms 11 Scout rifle.

08/18/2015 : Big bucks. Hunting the rut. Don't miss Savage Outdoors TV tonight on The Sportsman Channel

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11/30/2016 : Savage Arms Delivers Quality and Affordability with its 11 DOA Hunter XP Scoped Rifle Package

11/30/2016 : Stevens Adds Four Enhanced Over-Under Shotguns to its 555 Lineup

11/30/2016 : Stevens Adds Three Compact Over-Under Shotguns to its 555 Lineup

10/10/2016 : Savage Arms Adds 6.5 Creedmoor into Its AXIS and AXIS II Lineups

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