What Makes the New Savage RENEGAUGE Shotgun So Reliable? The D.R.I.V. Gas System
What Makes the New Savage RENEGAUGE Shotgun So Reliable? The D.R.I.V. Gas System
- WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – Savage Arms’ Renegauge has shaken up the shotgun market. The new American-made semiautomatic 12 gauge shotguns will cycle everything from magnum hunting loads to low-brass target shells. What’s the secret? Renegauge’s Dual Regulating Inline Valve (D.R.I.V.) gas system.

“The D.R.I.V. system regulates the amount of gas needed to cycle Renegauge’s action,” Renegauge Design Engineer John Linscott said. “We have been fine-tuning the system throughout the development of Renegauge, and have been impressed with its versatility and dependability. This shotgun can handle anything, and shooters don’t have to adjust a single part of the gas system.”

D.R.I.V is a patented dual valve design. After a shot fires, both valves open simultaneously to relieve gas pressure. The pressure needed to cycle the action is directed back into the system. Any excess pressure escapes through the front of the gas system. D.R.I.V. pulls just what it needs, no matter the intensity of the load.

With the D.R.I.V. system, Renegauge becomes an even more versatile tool. From the demanding conditions of the field, to the high-volume repetition of a day at the range, Renegauge can handle it all. There’s no guesswork required for adjusting the action, and no compromises when it comes to performance.

Attendees at Industry Day at the Range can come experience Renegauge’s D.R.I.V. system for themselves at booth SG-5. SHOT Show attendees will find Renegauge and the rest of Savage’s 2020 lineup at booth 15327.

Part No. / Description / MSRP
57602 / RENEGAUGE, 12 Gauge Black Synthetic 28-inch barrel / $1,449
57603 / RENEGAUGE, 12 Gauge Black Synthetic 26-inch barrel / $1,449
57604 / RENEGAUGE Waterfowl, 12 Gauge Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades 28-inch barrel / $1,549
57605 / RENEGAUGE Waterfowl, 12 Gauge Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades 26-inch barrel / $1,549
57606 / RENEGAUGE TURKEY, 12 Gauge Mossy Oak Bottomland 24-inch barrel / $1,549
57607 / RENEGAUGE TURKEY, 12 Gauge Mossy Oak Obsession 24-inch barrel / $1,549 

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