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Savage experts are constantly helping educate new and experienced hunter and shooters. In Sight is built for you. This site is loaded with everything you need: Tips to make your hunt a success. Shooting improvements for you to take longer, more consistent shots. Stories from our team that share your same passion. Recipes for wild game from our team of hunters. And all the tips you will need to keep your Savage running smoothly.

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→ February 19
Posted In: Field to Table
Jalapeno Popper Wild Turkey Salad
→ February 1
Posted In: In the News
NRA Women: Getting Light Right: Savage's 110 Ultralite Bolt-Action Rifle
→ January 26
Posted In: Hunting Tactics
Roosted Ain't Roasted.... But It's the Best Way to Start Your Hunt
→ December 18
Posted In: Firearm Hints
A Series Bolt Removal
→ December 14
Posted In: Firearm Hints
Centerfire Bottom Bolt Release
→ December 8
Posted In: Firearm Hints
Centerfire Thumb Sear Bolt Removal
→ December 3
Posted In: Firearm Hints
Bolt Action Stock Removal
→ November 30
Posted In: Firearm Hints
BMAG Bolt Removal