Savage Arms RENEGAUGE Takes Home Wildfowl Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award
Savage Arms RENEGAUGE Takes Home Wildfowl Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award
- Westfield, Massachusetts – Savage Arms is proud to announce that RENEGAUGE is the Editor’s Choice for Wildfowl Magazine in 2020. Wildfowl’s Editor’s Choice award is the latest in a growing list of accolades earned by the RENEGAUGE family of American made semiautomatic shotguns.
“RENEGAUGE was built to the meet the needs of American sportsmen and women,” Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage Arms, said. “Hunters demand guns that run reliably, and the readers of Wildfowl know why—conditions can be demanding. Wildfowl’s Editor’s Choice award shows that RENEGAUGE is up to the challenges wingshooters may face.”
“The big tell?” Wildfowl Editor Skip Knowles wrote in the announcement. “We watched over a dozen people who have never held one before shoot this gun well long before it came to market. A monster of innovation, the big story with this 2020 stunner is the shotgun’s D.R.I.V. dual regulating in-line valve gas system. This system vents excess gas before driving the bolt, ejection you can depend on no matter the size of the load or outside conditions.
“Also, because gas is vented, felt recoil is greatly reduced so it is a 3-inch chamber auto loader that doesn’t make the shooter scream,” Knowles added. “Adjustments, including the length of pull and drop at the heel make fitting a breeze.”
RENEGAUGE WATERFOWL: With the addition of the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camouflage, RENEAUGE WATERFOWL isn’t easily seen, yet the gun’s exceptional reliability and adaptability make this a clear win for wingshooters.
RENEGAUGE TURKEY: With its 24” barrel and Mossy Oak camouflage patterns, Renegauge Turkey is easy to maneuver in dense brush and even easier to conceal from anxious jakes.
RENEGAUGE FIELD: The RENEGAUGE FIELD is a well-rounded shotgun designed to fit almost any shooter. Everything from length-of-pull to comb height and drop at the heel can be adjusted to fit.
All three models are currently in stock at dealers across the country.
Media contact: Cathy Williams, Murray Road Agency 

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