F-Class F-TR Competitor
Don started shooting as a competitor in three position smallbore at the age of 13 with the Yellowstone Rifle Club (YRC) in Montana. Over the past three decades, Don enjoyed teaching, coaching, and instructing the essentials of shooting long distances no matter the platform of choice. Don is a member of the US Rifle Team, F-TR, and is preparing for the World Championships in South Africa 2021.
    • Home town:  Helena, MT
    • Day Job:  Retired
    • Shooting Since:  1979
    • Who taught you to shoot or hunt:  Ralph Saunders, YRC (1979)
    • Proudest Moment Shooting/Hunting:  Coaching the next generation of competitive marksmen (and women) in F-Class competition, LR, and ELR shooting disciplines
    • Handedness:  Right-handedness
    • Eye Dominance:  Right

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