Brittany Waldman has benefited in many aspects of her life from the guidance of mentors. Through sports, college, and her professional career, a series of advisors—both formal and informal—helped direct her progress and focus her passions.

“The one thing I have learned from my mentors is that you should empty your ‘bucket’ every day to impact someone else’s life,” says Waldman, whose passions have led her to a job as director of field operations for Kansas-based Pass It On Outdoor Adventures. It’s a job that involves continually filling and emptying metaphorical buckets. “As a mentor, you should give your time, talent, and treasures to others around you. You should give your wisdom, guidance, and support to others.”

The latest beneficiary of Waldman’s give-back perspective is Cantanilla Curtis, a Kansas high-schooler who has an abiding interest in hunting but few resources to guide her. Waldman offered Curtis her “bucket,” first on a pheasant hunt and later on a deer hunt, using the Traveling Savage to fill her tag with a beautiful Sunflower State whitetail buck.

The hunt nearly never happened because of inclement weather. The idea was to hunt out of a blind set up over a field where deer activity had been documented. Once Curtis, who goes by the nickname “Nia,” and Waldman (and a videographer) finally got in the field, the rest of the hunt unfolded almost as though it was scripted.

“Everything about this hunt was memorable,” says Waldman. “I am most proud of Nia's composure throughout the hunt. Even while being filmed, Nia never let her nerves or buck fever get to her. She was steady on the gun and even took an extra moment to make sure she had the absolute best shot on her deer. Once that gun went off and she saw the clean shot she made, it was like the top came off a shaken-up bottle of Mountain Dew. She began to shake with excitement. I had to fight back tears of joy and pride when I saw the look in her eyes and smile on her face. That moment right there is what it is all about. I get to hold onto that moment for a lifetime.”

Nia got to hold onto the custom-fit Savage.

“Especially when guiding youth, it is extremely important that they are comfortable and confident with the firearm that they will be using during the hunt,” says Waldman, who has a deep background in coaching scholastic shooting sports. “What I loved the most about the AccuFit was that it was easy to adjust the gun to fit Nia perfectly. I like to think that a lot of the success from our hunt was from that perfect fit of the Savage.

“The AccuFit was not intimidating to adjust,” added Waldman. “It was easy to take apart and adjust the different components and reassemble. This rifle is a great fit for those working with a diverse population. I know that what works for me as a mentor will not work for all the youth I take out to hunt. The AccuFit solves any concerns I might have about proper fit of a firearm to a youth.”

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09/12 - 09/13 Cassoday, KS Mentored Youth Hunt
10/02 - 10/04 Lander, WY Brothers Elk Hunt
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