Sep. 2019 - Rich spends most of his days fixing fence, moving cattle, and adding to his tally of wild pigs that he shoots on the Texas property where he works as a ranch hand. “Some people make New Year’s Resolutions about losing weight or saving money. My resolution this year was to kill 50 pigs. The one I killed with the Traveling Savage was number 39. If you’ll excuse me, I have some more work to do.”

Sep. 2019 - At this stop of the Traveling AccuFit, Ian quickly familiarizes himself with the rifle, finds his AccuFit, and promptly confirms the rifle’s accuracy out to 600 yards. He then sets out to work with four different shooters - their shooting skill sets ranging from novice to proficient - to evaluate, and prove, the rifle’s versatility.

Sep. 2019 - Ben Gorman knows his way around custom and semi-custom guns. An accomplished big-game hunter and owner of iconic Wyoming apparel company ShedNecks, Gorman collected the rifle, and mounted the Bushnell scope. Gorman specializes in matching rifles with tack-driving bullets. In the case of the Traveling AccuFit, chambered in .280 Ackley Improved, Savage chose Hornady Precision Hunter 162 gr. ELD-X.

Sep. 2019 - By sending a single rifle around the country, hunting different animals with different hunters, Savage Arms hopes to answer a question that’s stirred debate in hunting camps and gun clubs for decades: If you could own just one gun, what would it be?

Upcoming Schedule

07/27 - 07/28 Lincoln, NE The Hunt Begins
08/01 - 08/02 Casper, WY Rifle Setup/Testing
08/10 - 08/11 Mullen, NE Rifle Sight In
08/22 - 08/23 TX Hill Country Hog Hunt
09/12 - 09/13 Wichita, KS Youth Whitetail Hunt
09/26 - 09/27 Buffalo, WY Antelope Hunt
10/02 - 10/04 Riverton, WY Elk Hunt
10/17 - 10/18 South East Deer Hunt
11/02 - 11/04 Glasgow, MT Deer Hunt
11/16 - 11/17 Lincoln, NE Deer Hunt
11/18 - 11/19 Lincoln, NE Coyote Hunt