Introducing Renegauge

A whole new way
to shoot outside the status quo.

The all-new Renegauge from Savage proves that you don't have to answer to anything but your instincts. You don't half-step into anything. Neither does Savage Arms. We went all-in creating the next generation, American-Made semi-auto built to take everything your world of hunting can throw at it and perform–without fail and without compromise.

Forged with Insider's Tech
And An Outsider's Attitude.

At the core of Renegauge is an industry-first and patented dual-valve self-regulating gas system made to cycle higher power loads with the same reliable consistency as lower power target loads–all while cutting down on recoil.

A technical feat
by the highest standards: our own.


D.R.I.V. Gas System

D.R.I.V. GAS SYSTEM — DUAL REGULATING INLINE VALVE GAS SYSTEM The patented self-regulating gas system allows high power and low power loads to cycle with the same consistency and reliability. Savage's dual-valve gas system is designed to emit excess gas, thereby maintaining optimal bolt carrier velocity across various loads. Reliable operation from 3" Magnums down to low recoil 2 ¾" cartridges.

One-Piece Lightweight Bolt Carrier

The one-piece action bar assembly, including the pusher sleeve, is laser welded to the carrier and chrome plated for increased strength and ease of assembly and disassembly.

Adjustable Length Of Pull and Comb Height

Allow for a customized fit that enhances accuracy and comfort for each shooter. Included with each package are three recoil pads that can be used to adjust length of pull, and 3 comb height inserts to tailor individual fit. The adjustment components are manufactured out of a proprietary gel designed to tame recoil for the shooter while also reducing the impact on the shotguns components internally. The comb insert material is specifically designed to allow for comfortable cheek weld while reducing skin adhesion. Additionally, a shim kit is included to further adjust drop and cast for minute adjustments for each shooter.

Tested Tough

Renegauge is tough, reliable and ready for anything -- just like you. Whether you're busting clays, dropping ducks or whacking turkeys, Renegauge is built to withstand tough use and extreme conditions.


The beveled loading port, angled trigger housing, receiver, and elevator are intentionally designed for easy and rapid loading of cartridges.

Savage Presents: Fly True

When you follow your gut, good things happen with Renegauge.