Fifteen-year-old cheerleader, trapshooter, and new hunter Raegan Pirtle breaks away from a tight schedule to go on her very-first big game hunt chasing early season bucks in the heart of Kansas.

With known “big bucks” in the area and deer holding their summer patterns, Raegan had a lot of anticipation leading up to her first big game hunt. Early to the stand, Raegan and her mentor, Brittany Waldman, had intentions of cutting off a big buck headed to bed - but a misty, foggy morning quickly put a damper on a well-laid plan.

Both eager and disgruntled, Raegan knew that her only chance to harvest a deer, given her limited time, would be to double down and make a Hail Mary play for the following morning. Tune in as Raegan and Outdoor Mentors go all-in as they attempt to make this first-time hunters dream come true.

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