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Late Season Whitetails: Follow the Food
Late Season Whitetails: Mike Stroff explains how he uses food sources to kill bucks at the buzzer.
Updated: September 11, 2020

Run down from the rigors of the rut, late-season whitetail bucks are slaves to their stomachs. Savage Outdoors host Mike Stroff explains how he uses food sources to find and kill bucks at the buzzer.
→ January 26
After 20 years of turkey hunting, I can assure you the old adage of “roosted ain’t roasted” is still alive and well. However, if you want to transform from a casual turkey hunter into a consistent turkey killer, roosting gobblers is entirely critical.
→ September 15
How to Hunt Deer During the Rut: Will Primos shares tips on how to hunt pre-rut, rut and post-rut.
→ September 15
Harvesting Wild Game: Mike Stroff explains why providing meat for his family is so important to him.
→ September 14
How to Sight In a Rifle: A solid sight-in is the foundation of accurate, consistent shooting.